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Updated: Jun 30, 2019

What is "girl power"? What is "women empowerment"? These words flood our timelines, but do we actually know what it means to possess "girl power"? Ask yourself this question, am I in FULL ctrl of my mind, body, and spirit? If your answer is HELL YES, then more power to you SISTA. If your answer is HELL NO, then more power to you for recognizing that!

It's easy to fake it til you make, until you BREAK IT! As women we face this issue of trying to put on a front that we got it ALL THE WAY TOGETHER (ME INCLUDED!) but you know what, we DO NOT NEED TO HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER in order to empower and uplift ourselves and others. WE just need to WANT MORE, WANT BETTER for ourselves and others!

The moment we take the stand to want more and better for ourselves and other people around us, we start to have better relationships, including the most important relationship of ALL, the relationship with ourselves.

"Girl power" is possessing the power to create your OWN reality, while at the same time examining your limits, your restraints, your boundaries, your duties, your insecurities, etc. It is being completely open to new ideas and new perspectives. It is possessing the ability to recreate yourself each and everyday without fear. "Girl power" is within YOU! You have to dig deep, find it, OWN it, love it, nurture it, but more importantly SHOW the 🌍YOU have it and you will not back down from any fight no matter how hard or how big the problem in front of you is! OWN YOUR GIRL POWER SIS! LIFT YOUR CROWN! STAND TALL!

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