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Season Ready

Greetings ladies! I believe that the season is turning around for us as rumors of the US opening start swirling around. Sit up, take a stretch, and exhale. How was that “nap” for your soul, your purpose, your business etc?

With the world seemingly making its way to being functional, do you feel like you are ready to attack all the goals that are bleeding in your journals?

I know that this season's change has shaken me up. At the beginning of the Quarantine, I had resigned from my full-time position and focused on my passion. Now as the season is ending, I have a new job with a job more directed in what I want to do, my current passion I am pursuing, and grants me financial freedom. I am viewing this employment as one of my many sources of income. God has been so good to me and I am glad that this season is waking up a lot of world-changing gifts in all of us.

I know many of us have been preparing for “When Outside Opens” and all the things that we are going to do. First and foremost, we should still be aware and make sure that we are following the proper guidelines to maintain safety. However, let us remember all the goals that we put in place that we wanted to reach and that we will reach! (Speak it into existence)

Secondly, get out there and execute everything that you were afraid to do so before. No matter how big and how small. During this time, I have been challenging myself to do the things that I did not want to do or what I was afraid of doing. For example, at first I did not want to workout consecutive days because I did not enjoy the physical soreness. However, I remember my “why” to live a healthy lifestyle then I literally trained my brain to like the pain.

Whoa, I know, sounds crazy. Girl, it works! Especially if you are like me and can’t function through a paper cut. I am still training my mind to enjoy the task of working out rather than thinking about the immediate result of soreness. The long term result is better balance, strength, weight loss, improvement in my health overall.

It is important to know the long goal of everything that you wanted to set out after the Quarantine. Be ready for the season, loves!

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