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On Saturday July 20th and Sunday, July 21st the most life changing event happened in my life and I thought I would share it with you! I was able to attend a summer camp curated, designed, and held by Raina Brown a young woman dedicated to uplifting & providing young women the tools, tips, tricks, and space needed to grow & evolve! I want to share our conversation on how she created "We Are Beautiful". Let's get right into it!

Q: What is “We Are Beautiful”? 

A: We Are Beautiful is an organization that serves to enhance self-confidence and bring self-awareness to others.  There are so many things that stem from low-self esteem such as eating disorders and can lead to suicide. So I plan to work to lessen those things. Initially, We Are Beautiful served young girls, but I have decided to expand it to serve women as well.

Q: How did you come up with the idea to start?

A: I attended Brown University’s Leadership Program, and I was tasked with coming up with an action plan.  An action plan is essentially your plan of action. I chose confidence. I chose confidence because I had friends with eating disorders. In addition to this, I also struggled with low-self esteem. So I decided I wanted to provide a service that would boost and enhance others confidence.

Q: How many events have you put on? And what were they? 

A: I have put on four events. My first event was the We Are Beautiful Inc. Summer Camp, which took place in 2018. The second event was a New Year’s Gathering. The third event was a Love and Beauty event that consists of speakers sharing their perspective on Love and Beauty. My most recent events were The We Are Beautiful Summer Camp 2019 and the Entering High School Forum.

Q: What has been your favorite event so far?

A: I have two favorite events. The first event would be the We Are Beautiful Summer Camp 2019. I felt the impact, and I saw progress within two days. I witness people who were shy opening up. I saw the effect of meaningful conversations and saw how they allowed people to think deeply about their self-love and self-discovery journey. Another one of my favorites would be the Entering High School Forum. As I was speaking, it clicked. I realized for the first time that my words were meant to do good. It was a moment where I realized my work was not in vain. I watched the girls hold on to my every word. 

Q: What has been the biggest challenge with running a business and hosting events? 

A: The biggest challenge has been participation. My goal is to change a great deal of people's lives, so it is hard for me when only one or two girls show up.

Q: What has been your biggest takeaway and something that you are most proud of?

A: My biggest takeaway would be to consistently promote yourself. When I started my organization, I wasn't confident in my business so I would not share with others. I thought others would not take me seriously since I was so young. Regardless of the support you receive, you have to promote yourself and believe in yourself to succeed. 

I am most proud of how others have been vulnerable during the events.  Vulnerability is power. I am most proud of myself for not giving up on my organization. 

Q: What is one thing you hope every young woman that comes to your event(s) take away? 

A: I want young women to walk away knowing they are not alone. I want them to feel encouraged and uplifted. I want them to know they are worthy. I think society depicts what beauty is, and so we try to emulate society's standards. Not only does society depict how a woman should look, those who are around us also have an opinion on our beauty. So it becomes difficult to be an individual when others are always stating how you should look. It becomes difficult to find yourself when you are constantly being told who you. So I want to provide a space to begin self-discovery, a place to heal. I think there are so many things that have to be undone for women to truly love themselves. I had a friend who had an eating disorder because she believed she was not small enough. She believed that because of what she was conditioned to believe.

Q: What is your best advice to someone starting a business? 

A: My best advice would be to be confident in yourself. You can enhance your confidence by telling yourself that you are great. Tell yourself your business will be successful. I think once you are confident in your business you will be unstoppable.

Q: What is your best advice to young women?

A: My best advice for young women would be to have patience. I think it is important to understand that your journey may look different from others. It may take you longer to be at a decent space, but it is worth it. But you have to permit yourself to learn yourself. You can learn yourself from reflecting on past relationships, which will reveal pattern behavior. Lastly, LOVE YOURSELF by giving yourself the space to nurture your talents, to uplift yourself.

Q: Any last closing thoughts, feelings, or anything that you would like to say? 

A: I started We Are Beautiful, at 13 years old. When I started  I was not sure of what direction or what my platform was going to be. I knew I wanted to work on enhancing others confidence, but I did not know how I was going to tackle that. I want to conclude that the race is not given to the swift. So it does not matter how long it takes you to become successful or to finish something. You will be successful. You will accomplish all of your goals.

Raina dropped some amazing advice! The MAJOR KEY is BET ON YOURSELF! Do not give up or give into what society thinks you should be or how you should act. Act according to your GOD given purpose. Follow your heart. Absolutely do not look back! No matter how many people support you or do not support you. Surround yourself with people that will inspire you to take action. Get involved, find your passion, find your why!

Raina is outstanding & her story on how she started "We Are Beautiful" is absolutely amazing! Please check out the WAB instagram for further information on how to get connected, become a mentor, or a mentee! Ladies, remember you have full control over your life! OWN IT! HAVE FUN! DESIGN YOUR BEST LIFE! BET ON YOURSELF!

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It is truly refreshing to hear positivity spoken to all women, young and old. Sometimes we need a reinforcement of information that promotes self as we transition through the different stages of life. Great job, keep on writing, keep on thriving, and don't stop sharing.

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Thank you for this great opportunity ♥️

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