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A Christian millennial woman shying away from limiting beliefs and stepping into her faith takes us through her journey to Christ and what she has learned along the way. Allow me to introduce you to Alexis, a woman of God with many talents. 

If you do not know who Alexis is are missing out. From her captivating model poses, vegan meals, and lux hauls, she is one woman you should be following. Not only is she elegant and classy, but a woman devoted to carrying out God’s work. Today, I am going to take you through the conversation Alexis, and I had. So, let’s begin...

Q: Alexis, when did your journey begin with Christ?

A: I was raised in the church and was always around the influences of Christ. I can say I walked into a mature understanding with Christ in 2013.

Q: What has your journey been like with Christ? 

A: My journey has been filled with ups, downs, and plenty of hurt from people. God has carried me the entire way. He has refined me and blessed me with growth. I learned that we as people are flawed and fickle. God, on the other hand, is consistent and faithful. As I learned to grab a hold of him, he continues to show me my value. He reassures me that he is all I really need to sustain.

Q: What hardships have you endured/faced as you have stepped into your faith?

A: A lot of the hardships I have experienced were in a battle with my mind. I wasn’t taught how to effectively love myself. So, as a result, I had very low self-esteem. This affected my faith walk and made me rely on others more than God. Looking at now, I have come a long way in faith. Sometimes we can be in such a hurry to arrive. We will never arrive here on earth. But what I can say is that my hardships have matured me, showed me myself, and made me have compassion for others.

Q: What has been the greatest lesson for you? 

A:  I have learned to extend grace to others because Christ first did it for me. Grace and Mercy are such complex things. Like how in the world can an all-knowing God show me grace AND know my shortcomings? I’m so grateful for it because when I had moments of backsliding he showed me grace, my error, and even more love than I could comprehend. So it's my duty to show it to others. I’m a work in progress, but that is definitely a big lesson for me

Q: What would you say to someone who is not sure about their faith, but wants to draw closer to God?

A:  I would first say to search the scriptures on what is causing you to doubt. Fear? Hurt? Rejection? And listen to what the Bible is saying about them to get strong in your belief. Also, get into a community with people who are in the faith. They should not replace God’s voice but will be a great support system when you need a push. 

Q: What is your favorite Bible Verse:

A: Psalm 139. I mentioned this one last time and will again. It is the best scripture to hear what God is saying concerning you. It is so affirmative. It brings your identity to life!

Alexis dropped all of the GEMS today! If you need a refresher or words of encouragement, please revisit this post as many times as you need. 

When you choose to walk with Christ, I want you to understand that it will at times seem as if you are walking through the fire. Just know that you are more than whatever is hurting you, crippling you, traumatizing you. It takes time, patience, and faith. These are the moments that you lean on His word and understanding. These are the moments you get on your knees, shout His name, and gather in fellowship. God is truly miraculous and powerful. 

He is waiting for us to sit at His feet and leave yesterday’s struggles and worries there. He wants us to look to Him for guidance, clarity, peace, and understanding. It is up to us on how we will make that happen. It comes with discipline and truly knowing His word. 

No, you will not be perfect. Nobody is. It stems from reading His word, joining in fellowship, and praying. There are so many communities that you can get plugged into that will help you along your journey to Christ. 

Did you enjoy what Alexis had to say? Want to connect with her? Well, make sure to follow her on Instagram at @TheLillySpeaks and on Twitter at TheLillySpeaks, as well as on YouTube at TheLillySpeaks. You may also contact her via email at

If you or someone you may know that would like to be featured on the blog, then please send us an email at We would love to share your story! Every story is worth being told! Make sure to follow us on Instagram at @shetalksmovement. Until next time ladies!

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