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For the last couple of weeks, I have been challenging myself to eat a more plant-based diet. I have been researching like crazy the results, the process, the foods, and the benefits. In the next few weeks I will give you a full update on how my lifestyle has changed.

As I have mentioned, I have been doing a lot of research on a healthy plant-based lifestyle. BUT I wanted to reach out to another woman who has been doing the whole healthy living thing a little longer than me. I am a total newbie in the game! So, I reached out to Elaine Combs! Elaine has been living a healthy lifestyle for a while now and shares her journey on Instagram, as well as on her YouTube channel (make sure to subscribe and follow). 

Elaine has built a platform organically by sharing her story and testimony living with eczema and overcoming being overweight. She is doing her THANG in the health and fitness world. She has created a space for women of all backgrounds to gain a new perspective on their life, mind, and body. I had the pleasure of getting some more information from Elaine and her journey to healthy living. If changing your diet and living a healthier lifestyle is one of your goals for 2020, well this is for YOU! So, let’s get right into it: 

Q: What are some of your favorite recipes?

Q: What are some of your favorite workouts? 

I have a YouTube channel (ElaineOnTheGlow) where I post fitness videos and my workout routines. Here are two of my most recent ones:

*All of these recipes and workouts are completely customizable*

Gem #1: Look on YouTube and the internet for inspiration and fitness routines that are FUN and work well with your body 

*If needed, make sure to consult your doctor*

Q: What are the best tips for someone wanting to start a healthy lifestyle? 

Start! Don’t put if off and wait until the perfect time because sis, there isn’t one. Even if you just have time for 30-minute workouts 3 days a week. It’s important to begin to instill “daily” healthy habits into your life.Make fitness fun. So, I’ve found that I am more motivated to stick to a routine when I’m doing something I enjoy. Working out isn’t just for the aesthetics. It improves your mood, increases your energy levels, and makes you more confident. My favorite “fun” workouts are Pilates classes, pole fitness and hiking.Track your progress. When you’re on a weight loss or health journey it’s important to use other indicators besides the scale. I love to take progress photos and keep track of how my body gets stronger. 

Gem #2: Get into the game! You will not regret it! 

Here are Elaine’s last words for you: 

“Get connected with other women. I’ve found so much support through connections I’ve made on social media. There is strength in having community and I appreciate the people I’ve connected with because now we’re friends and each other’s support system”. 


Find the women that are rooting for you and will not let up (in a good way) until you get what you want, whether it be fitness or the bag. These women will hold you accountable, hold your hand when you want to quit, wipe your tears, console you when the going gets tough, and tell you to put your big girl panties on and get your head in the game & fight. We ALL need these types of women in our lives. Well, you got it right here! 

She Talks Movement is a community of women dedicated to transforming our lives professionally and personally. We are a group of women challenging stereotypes and norms that limit us and we are fighting for what we want. We are maxing out! Completely changing the narrative and bringing in as many women as possible! 

We are here to hold your hand, cry, and fight with you. If you or someone you may know that would want to share their story and journey with ladies all over the country, feel free to send us an email or shoot us a DM over on @shetalksmovement. We are always looking to share more and more stories that empower women to take action in their lives. 

Ladies, how will you take action in your life today? How will you live better, more productive, and healthier lives? Join Elaine and I as we dig deeper into our health and fitness and strive for MORE! If you liked what Elaine had to say, do not forget to connect with her via email at and on Instagram at @elaineontheglow. Her joy and optimism are quite infectious! 

Until next time ladies! 

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