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According to Merriam Webster, Failure is defined as the “lack of success”. I can proudly say that I fail at least 10x a day. Yeah, you heard me right, “I FAIL AT LEAST 10X A DAY”. I fail to successfully communicate with friends, coworkers, family members, etc. I fail to take action in business. I fail at just about anything.

Let’s talk about this...When I say that I fail at least 10x a day, I mean that in those moments I was not able to successfully and effectively articulate a thought or execute a plan. There are times to save face, I will say, “NAH, NOT ME”. In those times, GOD always steps in and humbles me REAL QUICK. It is NOT easy to admit that you failed. When you do admit your failures and shortcomings, in no way does it take away from your overall success & GREATNESS in life!

As a society, not just women we think that when we fail we are complete and total losers. NO, you are not a complete and total loser. If no one told you today, well there you go!

Failure is KEY! Failure is the lack of success in that present moment or transaction. Failure is good when you possess the ability to LEARN from what was NOT successful.

I want to be completely transparent. Recently, an issue arose that required me to express an issue or concern that has affected me for years and with proper communication could have been fixed, but was not because I UNSUCCESSFULLY did not communicate effectively in that present moment.

There are still things that I fail to do and I am learning how to better handle those things, which requires a lot more work. What I have realized though about my failures, is that in those moments I was unearthing and uncovering parts of me that I thought were sustaining me, but were not and NEED TO BE FIXED.

James 3:2 put it best, “We all stumble in many ways. Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect, able to keep their whole body in check” (NIV). WE are not perfect. WE will stumble. WE will fail. You will fail at a lot of things. I will fail at a lot of things. It will happen, no matter how much you would like to deny it (like I find myself doing at times).

Failure is not EASY. It is not PRETTY. It requires you to be vulnerable and open to new ideas, perspectives, and a new way of life. It requires that you be in a constant state of LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT. It requires you at times to CHANGE your old habits, behaviors, and perspectives in order to unearth NEW habits, behaviors, and perspectives that will sustain you in the end and result in SUCCESS.

Failure is a stepping stone to GREATNESS & SUCCESS! Every time you fail, you LEARN & GROW! Failure can be seen as a sign that you and I need to LEVEL UP (insert Level UP by Ciara).

As a woman, who stands to inspire other women to use their voice, I think one thing I want you all to know is that I AM NOT PERFECT. I MAKE MISTAKES. I FAIL AT TIMES AND SUCCEED AT OTHERS, but it does not make me less or more qualified then the next person to go out there and pursue my dreams and aspirations AND the same goes for you!

Do not be afraid to fail, do not be afraid to learn, grow, and develop. FAIL EVERYDAY! ENJOY THE ROAD TO SUCCESS!

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