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Today on the blog we are discussing mantras and affirmations with Ashleigh Nicolle.

Before we dive into the conversation let's start off with defining a mantra and affirmation:

A mantra is a statement repeated frequently.

An affirmation is a positive statement that can help you challenge negative thoughts and beliefs.

Down below you will find 5 ways that YOU can choose the best mantra and affirmation for your life.

So, let's get into it.

1. What do you want?

We all want things in life whether it’s money or freedom or success, whatever it is a mantra can be a powerful tool to manifest the things and opportunities that we want in life.

Having a mantra for the things you want in life gives you the power to manifest those things in your life, help you believe that it is possible to have them, and allows you to envision a life where you have everything you want.

Some of my favorite mantras for attracting the things that I want to me are:

“Money flows easily and freely to me”

“Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied”

“I am grateful for my every increasing wealth”

“I am a powerful manifesting goddess”

Now I used money in the examples above but you can change it to whatever you like so if you want more freedom you could say “I am grateful for my ever increasing freedom.” If you want to be in shape say “All the time I invest in my health it comes back to me multiplied” because you’re adding years to your life.

And if you’re not sure what you want then just make it generic and simply say “good things flow easily and freely to me” until you figure it out.

2. What do you need?

When things are not a want but a need a mantra to help you fill that need in your life can be a powerful tool. But sometimes it isn’t easy to figure out what it is we need.

Start by evaluating your pain points, check in with yourself mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally to ask yourself if all your basic needs are being met.

We are so quick to neglect ourselves and write things like taking care of ourselves as a luxury but in fact it’s a necessity. In order to function you have to make sure your needs are being met.

Some of my favorite mantras about meeting needs are:

“I make time to nourish my mind, body and soul.”

“My needs are just as important as anyone else’s and I will put them first.”

“Self-care is a divine responsibility and I accept it with joy.”

“I love myself. I support myself. I take care of myself.”

Stop putting yourself last and make sure you are meeting your basic needs like getting enough sleep, drinking water, taking a break, etc. make yourself a priority.

3. What are you afraid of?

Fear, anxiety, depression; these things haunt many of us. They hold us back by keeping us in the past, dwelling on our mistakes, or they prevent us from moving forward for fear of some scenario we made up in our heads.

Fear keeps you frozen, unable to let go and move on, frozen in this feeling that nothing is ever going to be okay again. I know that feeling all too well. Anxiety and fear are something I have wrestled with for a long time.

I have found mantras to be a powerful tool to help me move on from the past and trust in the path I’m on for the future. Dealing with fear, anxiety and depression is not easy but here are the mantras I have found help me the most.

“I do not worry about things that are out of my control.”

“Release all worry, celebrate what could go right.”

“I have survived and will continue to survive.”

“I will release what I cannot change.”

Remember to let go of the past and not fear the future. Trust and know that good things are on their way to you, anxiety and fear are just emotions. If you’re afraid of what people will think or say, if you’re afraid of failing, or of getting hurt you can use mantras to help you overcome that fear.

4. What are you telling yourself?

The sad truth is that many of us fill our own heads with such nasty thoughts. We can be so cruel and damaging to our own self-worth, value, confidence and happiness. Why do we think so negatively of ourselves?

You are your own worst critic, trust me no one else is thinking about or judging you as harshly as you judge yourself. Next time you notice yourself picking apart the way you look, doubting your abilities or just being mean use a mantra to break the cycle of negative thinking.

The best mantra to combat those negative thoughts is the opposite of whatever lie you tell yourself. For example, if you’re constantly thinking “I’m not good enough” try saying “I am enough exactly as I am.”

Some of the ones I often turn to are:

“I recognize that I have a gift to offer the world.”

“My voice deserves to be heard, I will not be quiet”

“I am beautiful and whole just the way I am”

“I can and will do anything I set my mind to”

Whatever lie you're feeding yourself, don’t believe it. Fight that inner critic, get out of your own way and start being kinder to yourself, life is hard enough without you putting yourself down.

5. What are you struggling with?

Right now, in your life what are you struggling with? This can be anything from not knowing what your next step in life is to your health and fitness or mental wellbeing to not following through on your goals and breaking promises to yourself.

Zoom out, look at your life from the outside and identify what it is that’s holding you back and then figure out how to overcome that thing. Identify what destructive habit, negative mindset, or tendency is keeping you from what you want.

For me I really struggled with quitting smoking and I used these mantras to help me when I was craving a cigarette. You can change these to help you overcome whatever behavior is holding you back.

“I am in control of my actions; my habits don’t control me”

“Being healthy is a good habit, and it can be cultivated”

“I will no longer be held back by my addiction”

“I am stronger than I believe, I will overcome this”

You can make these mantras really specific for you or simply use them to pull yourself out of a hard time. Maybe your bad habit is negative thinking, procrastination, being unorganized or distracted.

Whatever it is, realize it and overcome it. Quit holding yourself back.

For the rest of the questions check out and discover the one that sets your heart on fire. Make sure to check out her Instagram as well.

If you or someone you may know would like to share their story and/or testimony, feel free to send an email at Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram for more amazing content.

Remember that mantras and affirmations are personal. Choose affirmations that best suit your life and set you up for success.

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