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Hey girl. When it comes to our closet, as women, we never have anything to wear! We could have a closet full of clothes and not be able to throw an outfit together. If you are guilty, raise your hand!  So, considering our short-comings, I have a solution, sis!

According to my girl Olori Swank, celebrity fashion stylist, entrepreneur, and author, “you have a ton of options in your closet, you just need the right essentials to tie everything together.” In her book, “101: The Blueprint for a Swank Life” she provides her readers with an in-depth guide to purging your closet and shopping for the essentials to get your closet off to a good start!

Whether you are trying to build your wardrobe, purging your closet, or want to start the year off with new digs, here is a compiled list of staple pieces that you need to have in your closet yesterday in order to be the boss you are today!

Signature “Must-haves”:

  • LBD (Little Black Dress)

  • Pencil Skirt

  • Power Suit (includes sharp blazer + pants)

  • White collar blouse (button-down)

  • High-end blouse

  • Pair of good dark denim

  • Trench (khaki or black)

  • Leather biker (jacket)

These signature pieces are essential to creating a foundation for anyone’s closet. From the casual gal to businesswoman, with these pieces and the right accessories, you will be able to create the right look for anything you got going on!

Next, we are going to get into the footwork. Ladies, I know we all dream of a closet full of shoes, but we need to start off with the basics before we start going all out! Get walking on the right foot towards your goals by starting your shoe closet off with these must-haves.

Step in Style:

  • Nude pumps

  • Classic black pumps

  • A pair of good flats

  • A pair of good tennis shoes (for walking/running)

Lastly, without missing a beat, let’s get into some simple accessories that you can add to your wardrobe to set it off with any outfit!


  • Great pair of ‘sunnys’ that match your face

  • An evening clutch

  • Leather daytime bag (business staple)

  • Jewelry (to taste)

And there you have it! Use this simple guide to start building your closet and soon you will have a wardrobe to rival any Kardashian. Because let’s be real, I LOVE Khloe’s organization and she has some timeless pieces with her brand Good American!

Anyways, ladies, one thing I know for sure having an organized and popping wardrobe is a MUST to boss up and kick your 2020 off right in any area of your life! So, don’t let me hold you up, get to shopping!

Signing off

DIY, Girl.

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