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I am PHAT! You heard it here first, I AM PHAT and you know what I am totally okay with saying it out loud! I own my body! And you should too! Do not allow society to coerce you into thinking you are less than the next person because you are not a size 00, with a PHAT a$$, and curvaceous hips. OWN every part of you that is not the stereotypical Western view of women. Now, I am not saying that these women are not beautiful because they are, but I want you to realize that there is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL in the real world.

Society has made it hard for men and women, especially US ladies to OWN our bodies. Own what we have! What God gave us! Own the current stage our bodies are in.

Practicing healthy habits is more important than the number on the scale. Now, this took me awhile to understand this concept, but trust me it really does make a difference in your life when you focus on what your body is telling you v. what the number on the scale is telling you. I personally believe you can be a 2X and be healthy and you can be a 00 and be unhealthy. Numbers are not the only indicators of your overall state of health.

Society needs to hop on the bandwagon that being PLUS SIZE & FLUFFY does not make people less beautiful. It just means that we are FLUFFY. PERIOD!

Loving your body in its current state is a mental mindset shift that requires a lot of patience and understanding. It requires you to be completely transparent and vulnerable. It requires you to look at yourself in the mirror NAKED and love on each part of your body that folds. Love on each dark mark and each stretch mark (#tigerstripes) that cover every inch of your temple!

Design your temple how you please! Cover it with tattoos! Wear all black or wear that bright orange you have been eyeing in the store! Own your body by recreating a new and empowered version of YOU! It starts in your head! Shift your mind and commit it to memory that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Go on a journey of living completely NAKED and transparent about your body! Create space for your body to develop and grow! Unearth parts of you that are beyond your physical characteristics. This process will not be easy, but it will be totally worth it in the end. You will find yourself at times second guessing the outfit you really want to wear or saying negative things about your appearance. It will happen! Allow yourself to own those moments, as we are human, but do not allow yourself to stay stuck in those thoughts or feelings. OWN YOUR BODY! CREATE SPACE! LIVE BOLDLY!

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