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Hello beautiful people, 

Today we are doing things a little differently. You will have not one but two opportunities to get to know our feature lady, Giovonni Hinton. Giovonni is a 28-year-old social worker and transformational life coach. She is the proud owner of She is Resilence. The vision of the brand is to promote mental health awareness, advocacy, encouragement, inspiration and to educate and empower women on their healing journeys from adverse experiences by providing life coaching sessions, creative content, and inspirational merchandise to help transform their lives holistically.

As of December 2019, Giovonni is a graduate of VCU and holds a Bachelors’s degree in Social Work. Currently, she is looking for a Master’s in Social Work that’s online! She loves to cook, sing, dance, travel, play phase 10, watch youtube tutorials on “how to make body butter and candles”, as well as hang out with friends and family. Giovonni is a multifaceted and multi-passionate woman determined to WIN at life. I wanted to know more about Giovonni’s journey to mental health advocacy and ultimately helping women along their healing journeys. 

So, let’s hop into our conversation and start off with the basics…

Q: Giovonni, what is trauma? 

A: It is a psychological or emotional response to an event that is deeply disturbing or stressful

Q: So, what are triggers and what can they look like?

A: Well a trigger is something that sets someone off emotionally and activates their memory of trauma(s) that could look like having lack of control, sensory overload, loss, or rejection to name a few

Q: And, what is a healing journey? 

A: A healing journey is a path that one decides to take, mentally, physically, and or spiritually to reclaim their power and overcome their experienced trauma + the negative effects it can have on them

Q: So, why is it important for women to embark on a healing journey? 

A: Because we have been through so much- baggage, unhappiness, thoughts of unworthiness, all types of adverse experiences. If we don’t heal from the trauma and the drama- we will be stuck and unhappy living in those moments. Being stuck and unhappy can leave you being a bad mom, partner, coworker, friend, etc.

Q: Now that you explained that, what are your thoughts on therapy? 

A:  I LOVE therapy! I think it’s amazing and it’s very helpful. Being in therapy can help you explore many things you may not know or remember about yourself. Your therapist can give you tactics and different perspectives to help you strengthen multiple areas in your life. Therapy provides you the ability to speak to someone who won’t judge you and who won’t go running to your friends or family to tell all your business

Q: I love your thoughts on therapy as well as your insight on the foundation of healing and the process. I want to know what is something that you would tell women on their healing journey?


1. Take it day by day

2. Don’t be hard on yourself. 

3. You will face challenges but that’s expected. Healing can be an uncomfortable journey and there’s no time frame to “ perfect” it

4. Always remember that there are people that love you and want the best for you. If you don’t have much support, please reach out to me. I’m here for you.

Here are Giovonni’s last words for you ladies: 

“Don’t let other’s try to overpower you and make you feel less than just because you’re going through an adverse experience. If you’ve experienced mental health issues, divorce, or sexual abuse to name a few- you are STILL worthy, flaws and all. You CAN and WILL do whatever you set your mind to. Stay focused and trust the process”

If you want to hear more about Giovonni’s journey to advocacy and mental health awareness then watch the conversation down below. Giovonni opens up about her specific traumas that lead to her life of advocacy and helping women live their best lives. She also provides several in-depth tips and tricks for you to get through your healing process with ease. 

Also, if you would like to stay connected with Giovonni then follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her email list on her website

If you or someone you may know would like to share their story and/or testimony, feel free to contact me by email at We are always looking to share more stories with women all around the globe. If you want to see the behind the scenes or consume some more inspirational content, then head on over to our Instagram. P.S. do not forget to subscribe to our email list, as we would love for you to become a part of the #stmfamily. Until next time!

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